BYE -  Be With  You Everytime
ATM - Ambition In  Mind

SIM  -  Subscriber  Identity  Module 
www -  World   Wide Web
TEA -   Taste And  Energy  Admitted 
SMS -  Short  message Service 
FIR   -  Frist  Information report
CD   -  Compact  Disc
OK  -  Objection  Killed
IMEI - International Mobile Equipment  Identity 
LED - Light Emmiting  Diode 
GPS -  Global  Positioning System
LCD - Liqvid Crystal Display
EAT - Energy And Taste 
GPRS- General  Packet Radio
DVD - Digital Versatile  Disc
WI-FI-  Wiredess  Fidelity 
DP    -  Display  Pictare
ATM -  Automated  Teller Machine
COMPUTER-  Commonly Operated Machine Particularly     Used For Technical Education & Research  
PDF - Portable  Document Formet
GOOGLE -  Global Organization Of Oriented Group                  Language Of Earth 

JOKE  -  Joy  Of  Kids Of  Entertainment 
COLD - Chronic  Obstructive  Lung   Disease

NEWS - North  East West South 
CHESS - Chariot Horse Elephant ,Soldiers 
      DATE - Day And  Time Evolution     
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