EPFO SMS and Miss Call Service for PF Balance Check

 EPFO Account balance Check Services and PF Balance Check

PF balance check by EPFO SMS and PF Miss Call number
PF balance check number SMS , PF balance number, 

PF balance check number SMS

Find out how much balance you have in your EPFO account through message. To avail the message service, your mobile number must be registered in EPFO. You can know the balance by sending a message from your registered mobile number. EPFO SMS and Miss Call Service for PF Balance Check facility is available in 10 languages .

UAN activated Members may know their latest PF contribution and balance available with EPFO by sending an SMS at 7738299899 from registered mobile number to PF Balance Check.

“EPFOHO UAN” to 7738299899. 


Give a Missed Call to 01122901406 from registered mobile number for PF Balance Check.


EPFO SMS and Miss Call Service for  PF Balance Check facility is available in English (default) and Guajarati, Marathi, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali and Malayalam for EPFO SMS Service for PF Balance Check.

For receiving the SMS in any of the languages other than English, first three characters of the preferred language needs to be added after UAN for EPFO SMS and Miss Call Service for PF Balance Check.

For example, to receive in SMS in Gujarati then SMS to be send will be 

“EPFOHO UAN GUJ” to 7738299899.  

✦ SMS should be sent from the registered mobile number of UAN. 

✦  EPFO sends last PF contribution and balance details of the member along with available KYC information.

 ✦  EPFO SMS Service for Balance Check Facility is available in 10 (ten) languages.


 1. English - Default 

2. Hindi - HIN

3. Kannada - KAN 

4. Gujarati - GUJ 

5. Bengali - BEN

6. Punjabi - PUN

7. Telugu - TEL

 8. Tamil - TAM

 9. Malayalam - MAL

 10. Marathi - MAR

✤ Purpose of UAN 

A universal account number for each PF account number that appears in

ECR w.e.f. Allotted by EPFO ​​from January 2014 to June 2014. The UAN acts as a

Umbrella for multiple member IDs assigned to the same person. The idea is to link

Allocated to one member under Multiple Member Identification Numbers (Member ID)

Single Universal Account Number and Benefit of  Check EPFO SMS and Miss call Service for PF Balance Check.

This helps the member to see the details of all the member identification numbers

(Member ID) is attached to it. If the member is already assigned a Universal Account Number (UAN)

It can then provide the same to the new establishment / employer who will mark in return

Newly Assigned Member Identification Number (Member ID) for Universal Identity

Number (UAN).

The main purpose behind this new function is to capture the KYC details of its members

To eliminate dependence on the employer and improve the quality of service.

KYC details are being tagged against the allotted UAN instead of its member ID

Eliminate futility.

A member who is UAN Seeded and has full KYC complaint should not file any

Transfer the claim to a change of employment. In such a case whenever an employee joins

The transfer is an auto trigger after the new job and receives a first month PF contribution

Generated. Soon, the member's previous PF amount is automatically transferred

His new account. This automatic transfer occurs if not actively turned off


The Universal Account Number (UAN) acts as an umbrella for multiple member IDs

Allocated to a person by different owners. The UAN enables linking to multiple EPFs

Accounts assigned to the member (Member ID) provide a bouquet of UAN services

Dynamically all transfer-ins such as updated UAN card, EPFO SMS and Miss call Service for PF Balance Check, updated PF passbook

Details, P.F. Of previous members. P.F. Present on id. ID, monthly SMS linking facility

P.F. Contribution to the account regarding credit and two-trigger transfer facility

Request to change employment.

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